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"After our auto accident last year, we were left feeling disappointed that our car would be worth so much less when it came time to sell. The at-fault party's insurance company did not offer any compensation for the diminished value of our vehicle. Working with Findler & FIndler to recover the value of our car was a straightforward, fast process. Within weeks, we had settled and received a check for $3700.  They made us whole again, and we are incredibly thankful!"


"This was found money for me! I had no idea about Diminished Value or Loss of Use and Findler & Findler used their expertise and years of experience to get me my best possible outcome!"


Findler & Findler, P.A. handled my Diminished Value case after I was involved in an accident. They were very thorough, providing excellent sample sheets with breakdown of vehicle values vs resale values and lots of critical information which played a major role in getting a settlement. Their staff is courteous and professional and always responded to all my questions promptly. I would use again and recommended them to anyone.


"Recently I was involved in an accident on I-95 in South FL.  An 18 wheeler was forced to change lanes unexpectedly and side swiped my Corvette.  I knew instantly that even though the damage was not extensive, a bad "Carfax" would impact the value.  No one is excited to buy a car that has been damaged.  There can be some great values, but not with Corvettes or other luxury sport cars.  After I had my car towed to the shop I was visiting with a friend who works for a prominent car dealer, and he mentioned that their was a company who would pursue the diminished value on my behalf.  I contacted Arlene from Findler & Findler and she met with me right away. it was such a relief to have them on my side.  Findler & Findler not only got me the lost value but also some additional costs I had incurred that at-fault party's insurance did not initially want to pay for.  Great people, great service."


"Following our brand new Mercedes Benz being damaged by a careless valet, we were shocked to learn of the at-fault party's insurance company's refusal to acknowledge out vehicle's loss in value despite it's successful repair! Luckily, we were referred to Findler & Findler.  Within weeks after providing them with all the necessary body repair reports etc,. Findler & Findler was successful in forcing the insurance company to settle for the full value demanded!   Without them, I would have never received a check for $8,250! They were very professional, quick to follow up and were excellent communicators. "