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Imagine the following: Your luxury vehicle has been damaged by another party.  You may be sitting at a red light, driving down the road, or just received your car back from a valet.  Bottom line is that it has now been damaged by someone else's negligence.


You go through the unpleasant process of getting your vehicle repaired and finally the car is in your possession looking "like new."  You test drive it and think "all is good."


Fast forward a bit: You are now looking to sell or trade your vehicle.  The potential buyer runs a CarFax or AutoCheck and learns of the damage to your vehicle six months earlier.  The next thing you know, the potential buyer tells you that your luxury vehicle isn't worth your asking price and the deal falls through.


Welcome to the world of Diminished Value! Despite your vehicle having been satisfactorily repaired, it is now "damaged goods" in the eyes of the public.  It is a loss based on the belief of most people, that once goods become damaged, they are never as valuable as they would have been had they never sustained damage.

Findler & Findler, P.A. is the premier law firm designed specifically for luxury vehicle owners whose high end automobiles have sustained a loss of value due to the damages caused by an "at-fault party."  We understand the connection owners have with their luxury vehicles: the care they take to insure their vehicle maintains it's maximum value while in their possession.

Findler & Findler, P.A. provides its clients with the best resources available to insure a full and speedy recovery of their diminished value loss.  We engage only the highest qualified Independent Licensed Automobile Appraisers to document the loss of value to your luxury automobile.  Our experts do not need to visually inspect your vehicle in order to prepare their Diminished Value report.  Once we have provided our experts with the appropriate documentation from the body shop reflecting what repairs etc., took place, our experts are able to provide a full detailed report within 48 hours of receipt.


In addition, in situations where the insurance company refuses to pay any Diminished Value damages, we will file suit on your behalf to recover the loss of value to your vehicle.


The best part is YOU PAY US NOTHING unless we are able to make a Diminished Value Recovery for you.  No up front costs or fees.  Findler & Findler, P.A. even pays for the cost of the Independent Appraiser's Report!  Why you ask? It's simple.  We know the system.  We know the law surrounding Diminished Value and we know how to best present your your Diminished Value Claim to the insurance company to insure a prompt and successful recovery for your vehicle's loss in value.


Once we have reached a monetary agreement with the insurance company, Findler & Findler, P.A. would be entitled to a 33 1/3% of the total amount of the settlement, plus any applicable costs (the expert's report is $100.00.)  All of this would be documented in a detailed settlement for you.